Jamie Gold explain election betting lines on Fox News

As per a World Series of Poker 2006 main event champ Jamie Gold, approximately US$ 200 million would be bet on the forthcoming presidential election. Jamie appeared on the Fox News earlier this week to have a chat regarding the betting odds.

In the show he was introduced as an expert odds analyst. He explained that fighting lines on the race served him to predict the result in a path which exit polls just could not match. In a short segment, Jamie told that when people are dealing real money, they are in reality going to put their vote for whoever they really bet on. Historically, the betting line as well as odds has been a much better blinker of who would win.

Even though betting on the race is not really legal in the United States, there are European sports books that take stern action on the event. AS per Gold’s estimates, Hillary Clinton is presently -140, and she is followed by billionaire Donald Trump at +250 as well as Marco Rubio who stands at +800. In Jamie’s opinion, the ex Secretary of State is a real favorite roughly 8 months before the election.

Jamie added that others who stand in the line are Bernie Sanders at +1500, Ted Cruz at +8000, Jon Kasich at +10000, Michael Bloomberg at +4000, Mitt Romney at +20000, and Joe Biden at +10000.

Last summer, Gold made a return to poker when he made it to the final table of a US$ 1500 no-limit hold’em event, ending in the eleventh spot. The result came a few of years after his main event 2006 bracelet was auctioned off online.