Darvin Moon Lost By Billy Kopp

In World Series of Poker, Billy Koop’s smaller flush was flopped flush by the Darvin Moon and the move gave Kopp a chance at the final table.

This was a really astonishing move of Moon to everybody watching the tournament.

In a short interview Moon replied to all the questions of journalists who covered this event. When asked about a two of the key hands in the game. The one that was at the end of the game in which Billy Kopp managed to get it in with a five-high flush. And in response to that you called flush with a queen-high, both of you had flopped that time. You always heard saying “I am an extraordinarily tight player, the deck hit me over the head and I got really lucky”. However, the situation here wasn’t like that.

Moon replied to the question and said “When the call was made by me the board was not paired, as people were presuming.”

That was the second deuce of Kopp and He had in his hand two/five.

The board never paired, the flop comes, and the turn was a deuce of hearts, and that gave Kopp a pair of deuces. This was the status of game that time.

Although, Moon kept trying for winning the game, but, he did not get support from his card. When asked about how he is feeling after losing from Kopp, Moon said, “Loss in a game when you get a chance to be on the final table is always disappointing. However, we should always take the game in a positive way. If I have lost the game, surely I would have made some mistake. And Kopp would have been better than me.

Instead, of blaming the situation, I will try to win next tournament.”