An Overview On HKD Short Deck Ante-Only Tournament

Stephen Chidwick, the English high-roller pro was eliminated from Day 1a. However, he made a comeback through a re-entry. The leading US Poker Players Ben and Nick Schulman convoyed in the poker tournament. Currently there are 16 players remaining to compete to bag the winner’s title. As the Triton Poker tournament ends on 1st august, one can witness some of the best celebrities including Dan Cates, Jason Koon, Fedor Holz, Ivey, Paul Phua and Ivey participates in a series of events.

When it comes to Fedor Holz, it’s indeed a big name in the world of poker. As the champion’s forte is none other than High roller poker tournaments. Holz achieved his first gold bracelet at the WSOP in 2016 and won the highest prize money worth $4,981,775. In addition, he was also regarded as the best multi-table player for 2 consecutive years in 2014 and 2015 by Pocket Fives. This is not the end as he is at the 5th position currently in the Global Poker Index and is a live tournament player.

One of the greatest players is indeed Jason Koon. He did take a break from poker sometime ago so as to take care of his personal life. He had a new family member, his newborn baby and needed some quality time with family. There is no denying that Koon has had an excellent career in poker from the very beginning. He is in the 7th position in the Global Poker Index and ranked 13th in the All Time Money List in the United States.

Paul Phua made an entry into the poker world simply as a bookie and began to play the game only in his late 40s. However, within a short span of time, he did well for himself. He took part in renowned tournaments held in Macau and also got trained from his co-players like Paul Dwan, Phil Ivey and so on. In no time, he took part in the Big One for One Drop Event WSOP.

Global Poker Tournament’s Play-In To Benefit Hurricane Harvey And Irma Relief

This Sunday, Sept. 17, players at Global Poker can show their love and support of the populace that has been affected by both Hurricane Harvey and Irma by taking part in a charity tournament.

If you have been around poker players in the United States lately, then you have surely heard about Global Poker. The new online poker site has made a slow start as far as online poker sites go, but has slowly taken the poker world by storm. After launching recently, Global Poker has established itself in the top 10 sites worldwide for player volume and as the fastest growing site for US players.

The event originated from a suggestion by regular forum contributor ‘splayaa’ and Global Poker immediately jumped on the idea. The 16:30 EST event features a buy-in of SC$5+SC$5 and all proceeds will be contributed to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

To sweeten the pot, Global Poker has announced that they will be contributing $25 for every player that registers for the tournament. That means each player’s contribution is actually 5 times the registration amount!

After bearing witness to the major damage left by the two storms, Global Poker Founder and CEO Laurence Escalante is excited to see what the poker community can do to give back.

“The world watched with shock as Hurricanes Harvey and Irma wreaked havoc over large parts of America, particularly Florida and Texas,” said Escalante. “Reports estimate that the damage bill could be as high as $200 billion. Global Poker is proud to work with our players to contribute to the relief effort. I would personally like to show my support for all those who have gone above and beyond to help those in need during this time.”

2017 (WSOP): “The Year Of The Old Timers”

World Series of Poker (WSOP) seems to have a moniker attached to it every year like “The Year of the Pro.”, “The Year of the Young Guns” and “The Year of the Online Player.”

So, how the 2017 WSOP stays apart from this, for this year poker the moniker is “Year of the Old Timers.”

We this moniker we are not trying to call the players old at all. It will be fair to say, that they have been around the block once or twice. They come to the WSOP every year and after then get to business. This year their ethic of work is rewarding them.

After awarding the 46 bracelet out of 74 totals here are the stand of some of the notable “old timers”.

Two bracelets won by David Bach

The player has eight cashes, and it includes the $10K events three final tables, presently he is sitting fourth on the leader board POY.

Frank Kassela and David Pham “The Dragon” both claimed one bracelet and three other cashes

On the other hand the player David Singer won second bracelet of his career.

On the other hand, Mike Matusow has three final tables of events of $10K and he missed one very narrowly.

Phil Hellmuth had one final table and five cashes and he too narrowly missed the One Drop final table.

Coming to Barry Greenstein, then he has eight cashes in the event. So far, only 46 bracelets have been awarded and there is enough poker present for every player in WSOP. For the serious poker players, what matters more than money is the bracelet and this is the reason that almost all serious poker pros come to this event every year. This year as well, the legacy has been continued.

Darvin Moon Lost By Billy Kopp

In World Series of Poker, Billy Koop’s smaller flush was flopped flush by the Darvin Moon and the move gave Kopp a chance at the final table.

This was a really astonishing move of Moon to everybody watching the tournament.

In a short interview Moon replied to all the questions of journalists who covered this event. When asked about a two of the key hands in the game. The one that was at the end of the game in which Billy Kopp managed to get it in with a five-high flush. And in response to that you called flush with a queen-high, both of you had flopped that time. You always heard saying “I am an extraordinarily tight player, the deck hit me over the head and I got really lucky”. However, the situation here wasn’t like that.

Moon replied to the question and said “When the call was made by me the board was not paired, as people were presuming.”

That was the second deuce of Kopp and He had in his hand two/five.

The board never paired, the flop comes, and the turn was a deuce of hearts, and that gave Kopp a pair of deuces. This was the status of game that time.

Although, Moon kept trying for winning the game, but, he did not get support from his card. When asked about how he is feeling after losing from Kopp, Moon said, “Loss in a game when you get a chance to be on the final table is always disappointing. However, we should always take the game in a positive way. If I have lost the game, surely I would have made some mistake. And Kopp would have been better than me.

Instead, of blaming the situation, I will try to win next tournament.”

AI To Develop Computational Skill For Poker Games

There are tournament rounds going on in Pittsburgh currently where several hands of poker are being played every day for a certain period in order to test the mind power of humans against AI.

There was a similar contest held last year, which included 80, 0000 rounds being played. In that contest the AI lost, but by a very narrow margin. The team CMU that is pitting the AI machine against human players hopes to see a different outcome this year.

The contest is a marathon one that is an attempt by the university brain trust to showcase that AI can win against humans in complicated games like No Limit Hold ‘em poker. There have already been contests held for simpler games like tic tac toe, chess and Go where the machine has been able to beat human players. However, certain complicated games of poker provide a more difficult scenario.

For instance, players do not showcase their hands in such a game as well as purposely mislead their opponents by bluffing. These are strategies that make the game complicated and difficult for a machine to replicate and match up to.

The imperfect amount of information makes it hard to make the machine match up to human players, especially in the more complicated games of poker. For instance, the no limit Texas Hold’em game includes complex challenges as there can be different combination of moves at different stages of such a game. With such statistics, the randomness of moves becomes difficult to predict and for a machine to match the same as found in human players. The contest talks about pitching humans against machines, but there is much more to it. If the machines can be showcased to be able to defeat human players it would show advances in game theory and computation skills. Game theory is particularly applicable as two or more players are involved here.

PokerStars Launches Bubble Rush

Bubble Rush is a new tournament that has been launched by PokerStars.

Those who are regular players or visitors to the site will be intrigued to know how the tournament is designed and how the games work here. The tournament features fast play that promises fast returns of those who are successful and will then slow down for the players who have reached their prize amount. The tournament has already seen active participation among many avid players. For instance, player with code name “Can’tCrushMe” and “Rastabombast” are already into a deal where they have each won amounts over 1,500 in the first tournament of Bubble Rush that was rolled out.

The games in this tournament style have buy ins that start at $0.55 and go up to $33. On the weekends the amount is $109. The games would be round the clock on weekends where there would be about twenty events featured every day. There would also be satellite tournaments of hyper turbo category that are run before every event.

In these tournaments the players can start off with blinds and chips of 10000 which can increase every minute as per the hyper turbo format. The bubble for every tournament breaks when the remaining players cash in. The blind levels increase as the tournament moves to deeper levels.

Registration for the tournaments lasts for about 35 minutes. The blind levels have increase of time after bubble breaks. It varies for each event in the tournament. In the first tournament of Bubble Rush has a playing field of 480 players, where 71 players remained at the end. The chip leader towards the bubble breaking phase was holding 27 blinds. The tournament has already gained popularity among the players and this tournament style will see more participation in the coming days as more events are held.

Ring Games In Different Sites

Ring game traffic of 888poker has reduced by 14.7 percent this year.

It is the second largest online poker gaming platform, especially when it comes to real money online poker. This site is also set to revise their loyalty program. They are also launching a new game that is styled like a lottery system, known as BLAST.

It might be behind PokerStars and when it comes to traffic in ring games it is ranked behind Bodog. The latter is known to offer online games involving real money to Canadian players. It also functions as Ignition Casino and Bovada for US customers. Bodog has been facing competition from Winning Poker Network that offers services that are unlicensed to players in the US.

Bodog has seen a decline in its ring game traffic by about 24.8 percent year on year. WPN on the other hand has increased its traffic by about 46 percent. It seems that WPN’S strategies of winning traffic are working as others have mostly faced a decline this year.

Bodog has been facing a decline in its ring game seats, as much as 434 due to which it might be announcing soon that its online operations in poker will cease by this month. A part of this business will also get sold out to Ignition Casino. Other sites like Party poker have climbed down to sixth position in terms of ring game traffic. The decline was by 5.2 percent. They are also about to introduce a lottery based game called Sit & Go Hero which will be launched by March 2016. There would be an emphasis on tournament games as its Powerfest festival continues to grow. iPoker Network also suffered a decline in ring game traffic, which was nearly 41 percent. It has moved into seventh position. This definitely showcases a trend in online ring games in poker.

Jamie Gold explain election betting lines on Fox News

As per a World Series of Poker 2006 main event champ Jamie Gold, approximately US$ 200 million would be bet on the forthcoming presidential election. Jamie appeared on the Fox News earlier this week to have a chat regarding the betting odds.

In the show he was introduced as an expert odds analyst. He explained that fighting lines on the race served him to predict the result in a path which exit polls just could not match. In a short segment, Jamie told that when people are dealing real money, they are in reality going to put their vote for whoever they really bet on. Historically, the betting line as well as odds has been a much better blinker of who would win.

Even though betting on the race is not really legal in the United States, there are European sports books that take stern action on the event. AS per Gold’s estimates, Hillary Clinton is presently -140, and she is followed by billionaire Donald Trump at +250 as well as Marco Rubio who stands at +800. In Jamie’s opinion, the ex Secretary of State is a real favorite roughly 8 months before the election.

Jamie added that others who stand in the line are Bernie Sanders at +1500, Ted Cruz at +8000, Jon Kasich at +10000, Michael Bloomberg at +4000, Mitt Romney at +20000, and Joe Biden at +10000.

Last summer, Gold made a return to poker when he made it to the final table of a US$ 1500 no-limit hold’em event, ending in the eleventh spot. The result came a few of years after his main event 2006 bracelet was auctioned off online.

Poker Room didn’t randomly selected players seat, reports

Pari-Mutuel Wagering’s Florida Division has found that there were really some serious abnormalities at an August poker event at the Hialeah Park. After some of the poker players sounded off that the prize pool was really short, game regulators interfered to probe and found eleven violations.

A local newspaper reported that this incident was the very first major card-room abnormality since the game of poker became legal in Sunshine State twenty years ago. Florida has around thirty poker rooms. The report from the state, dated 29th December, suggested that the event staff allowed poker players get into the event without paying anything for a buy-in.

The event attracted around one-thousand players, but no official number was unveiled. The US$ 250 buy-in had a US$ 200000 guarantee. According to one player in the event, tournament staff actually stated that there were 1061 entries, but then later it was revealed that the number actually was 961.

Along with this, Hialeah poker staff put few players at particular seats rather than randomly deciding their table draw, said the report. Nelson Costa, who was the poker room manager, has left the place since then. He had the event money in his office, instead of the cage, the state said. The report also stated that the surveillance video did not really cover parts of the poker room. In fact, the video was not preserved.

It was alleged that the poker room was never keeping records of its events for the required 3 years. The 6-day August event never had its results unveiled.

HPO Charles Town Main Event Won By Wheel Dealer Loukas Michael

Car dealer Loukas Michael won the Hollywood Poker Open Season 3 Charles Town Regional Main Event conducted at the Hollywood Casino, located in Charles Town, West Virginia as dawn was breaking on Monday.

Hailing from Tysons Corner, Virginia, the automobile dealer bettered a field consisting of 118 players and went on to win $35,803 and a HPO Championship Event seat for $2500 at M Resort Casino and Spa in Las Vegas in the coming June.

While Loukas Michael took away the $35,803 first prize, Ken Moore pocketed $21,368 for capturing the second place, and the third was occupied by Ronald McDonald with $14,669. Events of second and final day started with 12 players remaining for the money bubble, and Lowell Turner left empty handed soon in 12th, and the 11th place was taken by Casey Glick.

That left the final ten players on the table and Michael had just two players trailing him in the leaderboard and one of them was Steven Gurney-Goldman with short stack. He had earlier won the HPO Grantville last month, and when he doubled through Michael it appeared as if he is making a great comeback to win the title a second time and if he had done so he would have been the first player to achieve it in the HPO. Mike Axen was the next to go at the 9th place when he lost to Yeary in a flush. Next to go was Tommy Ingram and he was forced to leave it by Gurney-Goldman in a big pot.

Dinner break saw the initial chip leader Carl Garland going bust and the show down between Goldman and Year left the later leaving the field. In the final duel Michael beat Moore when his {A-Diamonds}{Q-Clubs beat the {K-Clubs}{Q-Diamonds} of his rival. Michael win was all dominating with the leads he had the entire day.